Sherpas / PvE

It’s dangerous to go alone! 

Destiny provides an amazing world to explore, but sometimes challenges are too daunting to face without a guide. Strategic Unicorns provides free expert sherpa runs to guardians in need. We don’t do “carries”, instead, we help teach inexperienced guardians to accomplish their goals and feel confident in their knowledge of encounters and mechanics.

Whether in Raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls, special missions, etc. we can help in a no-judgement, mistakes-okay, ask-questions environment. 

Our clan founder, Doodles is an expert sherpa with over 950 total D2 clears and hundreds more from D1. She has helped countless guardians achieve first time clears with ALL guardians playing an active role – you’ll never hear the words “just do ad clearing” from us! 


You won't find a better sherpa

I’ve been on both sides of the Doodles sherpa experience. You won’t find a better sherpa. For starters, she genuinely cares about everyone understanding the encounters she’s teaching. She’s calm, patient, and caring to everyone she plays with, and takes time out of her life to consult with other sherpas to develop the best ways to teach each encounter.

But don’t come into a run with Doodles thinking you’re gonna sit back and get carried to a raid clear. You will learn and be challenged to do the hard roles, but you’ll never be raged at or belittled for making a mistake or not understanding something perfectly on the first try. Just come ready to participate fully, and you’re guaranteed to succeed.


There's nobody she can't help

Before actually playing with Doodles, I only ever really heard about her through the grapevine, so to speak, with people saying “we have the best raid sherpa in the game” or “she’ll get you through no problem, there’s nobody she can’t help”. After playing through 5 minutes of one encounter, I already knew. All of these statements were 100% fact with no exaggeration. I don’t think I’ve met anyone in life, let alone gaming, with as much patience as Doodles. I feel lucky to be in a clan where I can have the #1 raid sherpa take me through all Destiny’s most difficult PvE activities.

– MidknightPlays

We got this

My first raid experience with Doodles was before I ever joined the Unicorns. Right away, you knew the type of leader she is. She has great game knowledge and ability, but mostly she has the demeanor and communication skills that the elite leaders have. She is never rattled, her responses are always “this is fine” or “we got this” and it’s easy to tell that she thrives when others succeed. She is an amazing Raid Sherpa and an even better clan leader who truly cares for each and every Unicorn.
– IndyBryce

Best raids ever!

Best raids ever! Super fun, no pressure and doodles will make you learn the in and outs of every encounter so you can run any part of the raid. Doodles is a great teacher and makes the raids enjoyable. Super patient and no stress in what is a stressful situation. Most people/clans will become really toxic if you’re the cause of failing an encounter, but that’s not the case with Doodles.

–  cr2buster

Effortlessly teaches encounters

In all my years of playing games I haven’t met an individual that is more caring and willing to help with an activity as Doodles is. She truly is an outstanding person. On the occasions that I have raided with her, she effortlessly teaches each encounter and makes sure everyone knows what they are doing especially if it’s their first time. Her qualities as a sherpa are far superior than any others I have witnessed.


Ensured good times

I have been in activities with Doodles as a helper and as someone new to an activity and in both instances, she has been patient and ensured everyone has a good time. She has helped my son and his friend get their only raid clears. Neither would have done it without her. I wasn’t about to try to get two 12 year old boys through a raid.

– JAMES95240SR

Flawless instructions

What can I say about Doodles!? 1000+ raids supporting people in the Destiny community is just the beginning. She is not only great at the game, she is great helping others experience the game in a way that makes them feel at home during their first raid experience. She combines that with taking seasoned raiders and putting them in a position of leadership to give them confidence so they can go out and help others.
She’s also the person covering everyone’s back while giving flawless instructions. Ever miss your assignment in the raid, “this is fine”, Doodles has you covered and never speaks a word about it. But what tops everything, she is always positive, is there to help on any run and has a smile that comes through the microphone. “AMAZING!”


EVERYONE learns EVERY role

Doodles has been an incredible blessing to the clan and to the players. She is calm, diligent, and fun as she leads new players through raids, GMs, and more. Doodles always takes the time to explain each part to a new person and never gets frustrated when things fall apart, taking time to encourage everyone. In addition, she makes sure that EVERYONE learns EVERY role; she is less concerned with getting the content done but in teaching others to be able to teach. Her common mantra of “this is fine” is a running joke in the clan, but truly epitomizes her character and vision in the most difficult of content. No matter the challenge, she moves forward with grace and aplomb, serving as a positive leader to the entirety of the clan.


No one I'd rather learn from

Absolutely top notch teacher. I have never met someone more patient and kind in my life! She’s absolutely wonderfully supportive, crazy knowledgeable, and ready to make you learn any and every raid mechanic. No one I’d rather learn from!!


Extremely friendly & patient

The best raid sherpa Destiny has to offer hands down. Extremely friendly and patient. Always willing to help and will teach you everything you need to be successful in a raid. She LOVES doing raids and grandmaster nightfalls. If anyone in the clan ever mentions anything about having not done a raid or not done something in a raid, she gets a bat signal and will be scheduling a raid just for you to complete that task.
She’s easy to talk to and easy to learn from. I first met her way back in Destiny 1 when she helped me and some friends complete a raid and since then she has been a very good friend. Thank you Doodles for always being awesome.

– Nole Engineer

Scrims / PvP

Our clan also has several exceptional PvP players that have helped both clan members and non-members to achieve some monumental tasks – like reaching the Lighthouse for the first time in Trials of Osiris and acheiving the “Unbroken” title. They do this while being kind, patient, and encouraging. 

Our PvP focused clan members are always down to help with loadouts, current meta, weapon & armor mods, and to answer questions around strategy or to show someone new moves. 

We as a clan also run the occassional crucible scrims, both as a fun way to practice for clan members and also a fun way to engage with other clans. Think your clan has what it takes to beat us? Drop us a message 🙂