About us

A destiny clan unlike any other.

Strategic unicorns is a modestly-sized group of friends that plays (predominately) Destiny 2 on Xbox and dabbles in PC. The clan was founded with the goal of maximizing happiness for everyone.

This clan is a group of adults from all walks of life who want to have fun in a safe and respectful environment, sans any of the toxicity that is all too common in the gaming community. We celebrate each other’s victories and support through struggles, both in game and out. 

We are a clan of individuals who are all invested in and care for our community. We hold several charity activities throughout the year, do holiday gift exchanges, etc. 

Our clan is named for the beautiful mythical creature, who, if provoked, will certainly stab you to death.


Vanguard Operations

From strike playlists to flawless grand-master nightfalls (and everything in-between) our clan is always down to help someone through an activity. During the Season of the Chosen, we got X clan members their conquerer title (and of those X managed to get the title gilded)!


Crucible Contenders

The clan is home to several Unbroken/Flawless crucible gurus, and in general people are always down to play a few cards, matches, or Iron Banner games. We also like to have fun with loadouts (all Sweet Business…all the time) and host private crucible games.


Yes, we even play gambit and have more than a few Dredgen’s on the field. If you ever need to grind for kills, infamy, Bottom Dollars, or motes – well, brothers and sisters, you know who to call.


Donated to charity through community events

Every so often the clan will run community events (like a 2v2 crucible bracket challenge) with an entry fee. Winning means that the money gets donated to a charity of your choice. So far we’ve donated to a myriad of different charities from animal shelters to Australian wildfire relief funds.

Our fearless leaders


Our resident just-can’t-quit founder, Megan Doodle! Our clan’s very own master sherpa, theres no place that she can’t lead you with the grace and skill of a leaping unicorn.



Resident cool guy and part time clan leader, Hokie Andrew! Always down to jump in and help with the grind, get the clear, or clean up in crucible.



Hokie's Destiny guardian character